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User Data Base

  • The data we collect about you in our recruitment system are used exclusively for the recruitment process itself, and will not be shared or passed on. In particular, we need those data to:
    • inform potential participants about upcoming experiments;
    • select participants based on predetermined scientific criteria;
    • check whether registered participants did in fact show up for the experiment.
  • The data collected in the experiments are not linked to the ones in the database. Indeed, the data we collect in the experiments are generally anonymous unless it is explicitly stated otherwise in the instructions to the given experiment.
  • You can decide at any time to cancel your registration in order not to obtain future invitations.
  • All your data will be cancelled should you ever wish so -- just send an email requesting cancellation to


  • Your choices in the experiments will be used to generate data-points.
  • The data-points are used for scientific analysis and are anonymous.
  • Even if data should be associated to your name during a particular experiment, this connection will in no case be made public. Your privacy is thus guaranteed.

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